White Oak Chapel's Vision

In 1983, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik was driving through Queensland, Australia, on his way to preach yet another evangelistic meeting.  While he was praying for the imminent church service, God interrupted him with a prophetic word. This is a paraphrase of His directions:

"When you return to America, you will oversee a local church serving the Tri-State.
In addition, you will train up and send out others in the ministry.
Third, you will take short-term mission trips and reach out to foreign fields, as the Holy Spirit leads."

A Lighthouse for the Full Gospel

In 1985, Pastor Joe was a year into pastoring a congregation in northern Kentucky. During a home-meeting sponsored by that church, another word of prophecy came: the Lord wanted a new independent work to be pioneered in the northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio, to be a "lighthouse" for the Full-Gospel.

Pastor assumed it would be an outreach of his current congregation in KY, but circumstances beyond his control led to him resigning within a couple of years.

At the time, Pastor Joe was already training ministers as an adjunct professor for International Seminary. As you will see below, God was already forming that which He had earlier prophesied!

Elim, an Oasis

Not long after, Pastor's wife, Barbara, had the word "elim" continue to come to her mind when thinking of this new work. She looked it up and found it meant "place of the oaks" or "place of the palms" and was mentioned in Exodus 15:27. They both had already been thinking of calling this new work "White Oak Chapel" because of its location in the White Oak suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Barbara also had the impression that this new congregation would be an oasis for those seeking refuge. Independently, some 15 years later, their son Solomon sensed the same from the Lord, that this church was to be an oasis and refuge for those who have been hurt.

Our Founding Verse

In addition to the above leading of the Lord, the following verse of scripture repeatedly "jumped out" at both Pastor Joe and Barb as the fundamental operation of this new ministry:

"Prepare your work outside,
And get your fields ready.
Afterwards, build your house."
-Proverbs 24:27

This scriptural vision has been borne out through the missionary work that Pastor Joe did well before planting this church: both overseas and locally. The same continues today, primarily through the Internet, as we have reached out beyond our four walls before building this local congregation.

White Oak Chapel
3260 W North Bend Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45239

We're situated within White Oak, near the Green Township/City of Cincinnati line. We're between LaSalle High School and Kroger, on the north side of the road across from the gas station. 

+1 (513) 662-6220

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